"One can stand alone to a certain point only – and I am self-sufficient to a great degree – but underneath there is a loneliness that is very human – but sometimes mine feels very great because I am so much more within myself than the average person. I feel an overpowering need for another person who will understand all. Sometimes a whole lifetime is spent in that search. It is not a need that can be filled easily by any attractive personality on hand – I have tried that but found it to be only a temporary measure and if indulged in too often mars the original objective. In other words – do not let the signposts on the way obscure the ultimate goal. So after twenty-four years of idle existence there is a void, which even a self-sufficient introspective introvert like myself recognizes as the ancient need for another. It has boiled down to that.”

-Edie Beale, 1941.

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